Sunday, February 6, 2011

Reagan was right

First off he was right about California every day you hear about California’s budget and how the state is all but bankrupt yet the liberals hold Cal as the paragon of social and environmental programs and an example of how the other states should do it .  That my friends is simply and logically how you don’t do IT.
Reagan was right about the Soviet Union we many times in the 80s used Soviet Union and Russia interchangeably but the reality of the expanded area the USSR covered and the number of other, now, sovereign nations it once encompassed is something liberals are totally oblivious to.  Liberals often credit Gorbachev with the dismantling of the Soviet Union but, even though I also saw them as a threat, for a leader to allow a third of his nation to break away (not to mention the turmoil and unrest that followed in the breakaway areas).  The US (Reagan)and NATO stood their ground and unable to expand the Soviet Union crumbled under it’s own socialist systems.  Gorbachev simply presided over the collapse.  
Reagan was right about economics you can’t cut companies bottom lines through over taxation and expect them to hire overpriced labor at a rate necessary to draw them away from free social programs that allow same people to sit at home and eat junk food and watch tv.  Bottom up economics creates a dependant class beholding to the government and the system.  Gain some perspective people step back and look, old money heads the Democratic political machine and old money does not like new comers at their country clubs “Upwardly mobile young professionals” faded quick under Clinton “downsizing” and “outsourcing” became the new buzz words.  There are no new jobs in middle management people, the ladder is gone Old Money wants us to stay right where we are in our place, we can sip all the cappuccino we want we can have our I phones and I pads but we can do so outside of their hedged and fenced in society.   Life is hard life is work but the idea of the American dream is that If you work hard and smart you can move up, but if all you want to do is the minimum well my friend the factories need uneducated basic laborers, problem it’s now too easy to do nothing and still live and eat, after all we can’t have people go hungry, meanwhile innumerable factory complexes rot as unused hulks on the US country side because companies can’t hire Americans affordably compared to hiring Chinese and still come out with more profit with shipping costs,  shipping damage,   and tariffs and taxes levied by both outgoing and incoming nations.  If you don’t see the imbalance in this system your blind.  
This isn’t deep study, it’s simple observable fact.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Why would Labor Unions want wavers from Obamacare

You have to ask the logical question here.  Why support something if you are going to immediately opt out?   I’ll tell you why, the labor unions know it’s a bad plan but in that it’s a bad plan it once again makes the unions look as if they are providing a service by being able to offer union members a better option.  Unions have become self serving and functionally useless at best, at worst, and more acuratly, they have become a fatal parasite on the US industrial complex.