Thursday, December 20, 2012

“Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration”

The title is my favorite quote from “Dune”

You know why liberals strike out, why in an argument they are the ones that end up name calling and ranting, why it’s always the liberals that sucker punch, bite ears, or defecate on cars?  It’s the same reason they would rather give up freedom just to feel safe, the same reason they are willing to hand over rights for perceived protection.  And it’s the same reason some 100lb over weight chump took a swing at Crowder, he knows that in a world where he can be promoted, compensated, or fired based on his performance he’s out of luck, he’s afraid.  With all their talk of harmony, intelligence (they are supposed to be the smart ones remember), and tolerance they are the ones that strike out because they are frightened, cornered animals.  They are afraid of war, terrorism, other people, global warming, guns, work, and most of all their own bad decisions.  And it’s why we ended up with another four years of Obama, a large part of America is weak and afraid.   

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