Saturday, December 25, 2010

The repeal of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”

Ok people I don’t think being openly gay in the military fits with military culture or is even too bright of an idea wither its legal or not.   I feel no need to go into great detail on this because if you don’t see the simple logic here I can’t help you.

Hail to the Eco Nazis

Eco Nazis would have us believe that the human race is the end all beat all worst thing to impact the pristine earth ever, yet by their own belief in science they are totally full of shit. Let me explain before the humans, before the dinosaurs, there was the first major extinction event that literally brought life on earth to its knees and about wiped it out, 90% of all living things on earth died as a result. The second extinction event utterly destroyed the dominant species on earth at that time, the dinosaurs had millions of years of evolution behind them inhabited almost every corner of the earth and were the most adaptive species (outside of our own) to inhabit earth yet were wiped out in an almost instantaneous event. Yet we and our impact is worse?
This whole eco thing is a sore point with me the financial crisis we are in right now is a direct result of eco alarmism. It’s the Eco Nazis who put undue pressure, regulation, and expense on US corporations making it hard for them to compete, this combined with the liberal directive of over taxation of business led to the devaluation of stocks and loss of faith in the stock-market. So what did investors turn to?
Why? Because according to the Eco Nazis the earth is already over populated and that population is still growing exponentially leaving the remaining land to have almost infinite value.
Problem is, it’s all eco b.s. the entire population of earth could fit and live comfortably in the borders of New Mexico leaving the rest of earth for agriculture and numbers are showing that the total population numbers are actually for the first time on the decline.
Can we see the beginnings of a bubble?
Enter Katrina once she hit the Eco Nazis proclaimed the we were entering a time of increased weather activity where massive monster storms would batter the gulf coast for the next decade or so……suddenly that preconstruction condo seemed like a bad investment, combine with this the fact that the demand was never as infinite as expected and never was going to be.  (When was the last named storm to hit the coast?) That bubble burst like a size 5 bikini on Rosie O’Donnell. Unfortunately it ran like a domino chain through the banking systems.  Now rather than letting true supply and demand take its course our great government is attempting to artificially stitch back together that size 5 bikini (GROSE!!!).  Let me remind you as well that this did not start in the Regan era it was during the Democratic controlled years that followed that companies and banks started doing everything remotely “legal” to maintain positive cash flow.  We cannot rebuild our nation as a producer and leader of industry by artificially propping up the needy class. Strong business creates industry but the Eco Nazis will not allow a national environment were our own manufacturers can produce competitively.  No matter how much you preach very few people will or even can purchase US manufactured goods at the price necessary to follow the Eco-Nazis rules add to this a unionized monopoly on labor in some fields creating a labor force which produces less and expects compensation completely disproportional to output with quality of work being of no importance to promotion or compensation.
I diverge let me summarize my point one good asteroid hit, mega volcano, or a dozen other possible scenarios and that spotted, pink eyed, three towed, squirrel-rat-owl that can only live in a 50 mile area located at precise coordinates in mutant blue elm trees only found in that location and can only reproduce at a consistent 75 degrees, would die anyway and would have died and gone extinct if they had existed at many points of time prior to humans.  They only exist because we have lived in a relatively stable period of time and are on the losing end of the evolutionary ladder with or without humans.
And to the Eco Nazis that think this planet is more important than we humans take this into consideration we evolved in a fairly short period of time compared to dinosaurs which had literally millions of years more evolutionary time than we did yet did not achieve any measurable intelligence.  We likely would not have existed if they had not gone extinct, no intelligent life.  All the time that has passed before us and no other organisms have even come close yet in a couple 100K years we suddenly get smart. What if “as we are finding out” life is not as rare or even uncommon outside of earth but inelegance “self realization” is?     We are what’s important and we must move forward and stop letting irrational sentiment hinder our progress.    

Friday, December 10, 2010

Ok tax the rich.....then what?

Problem is with taxing the so called “rich” it’s those individuals and businesses that pay the middle class and it’s the middle class that pay for the benefits of the lower class (all those little extra thing taken out of your pay check other than taxes).  So (stick with me I’ll keep it simple) Tax the “rich” and the middle class gets paid less, thus more middle class become lower class and the remaining middle class has to pay more for the growing lower class.   Add to this more “social” programs paid for my both the upper class (i.e. them who write checks) and middle class (i.e. them who work for checks) and what you get is a cascade effect running down hill…  A huge lower class (Obama supporters) a static elite upper class (also Obama supporters, these are those who are truly rich in that their money works for them not them for their money, if an individual is making 250,00 a year but has to work 50-70 hours a week to earn it that individual is not rich to put a simple numerical amount on wealth is stupid pandering to an ignorant majority, and yes the old rich don’t want new blood in their club)  leaving the lower and upper middle class in a state of helplessness we who understand what’s happening but lack the numbers to take action because of one simple fact given free resources ignorant, lazy people will reproduce faster the hard working intelligent people.