Friday, June 10, 2011

If you don't like the education your child is getting

Life isn’t fair, life isn’t equal, life isn’t easy,  it’s past time people stop expecting those that have achieved and advanced to fix their situations and stop dragging the rest of us backwards.   You want your kid to go to a good school don’t get pregnant at 15, finish school yourself,  don’t have a second kid at 17, get a job, refuse to live off the system, find a way to go to college, don’t have a third kid at 20, work weekends,  make your life and your existence a benefit to society before you reproduce then you will not have to wary about sending you child to a crappy school because you your self will not have to live in a slum.  You want to know how to fix the education system ..”Personal responsibility”  learn it yourself and teach it to your kids.