Thursday, July 12, 2012

Obama Get your fingers out of my pocket

I’ve been
continuously employed 22 years every handout program is funded by my money I
had to work for that money and I see people every week who don’t do squat and
are housed, eat, and buy things with my money, this is not helping any one it’s
making them dependant and beholding to big brother and those that fallow that
path are fools.  

I’ll pay my taxes and gladly For: National defense-yes, roads-yes, Police-yes, Fire fighters-yes, Space exploration and development-yes, even for nationalized mail service and governing expenses-If I must, but charity was never meant to be part of that equation because central governments have never been able to administer that efficiently or effectively.  

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

We will remember Lennox

Thank you Belfast, thank you for giving me a modern example of pure evil.  I can tell my son that there are people out there that would take his dog and kill it for no reason other than; they can, for no gain but to satisfy their own vain pride.  Belfast city council you are the villains of a grim tale.  The dog had been part of that family for 5 years, licensed with no complaints and you took it because of how long it’s muzzle and legs were.  The family fought for two years to save the dog, experts with infinitely more experience and knowledge than your wardens offered alternatives at no expense and to assume full liability but you would have none of it because it went against your edict.   Belfast city council you are a shining example of political depravity you make me proud to be an American by reminding me exactly why my ancestors exited the rule of the crown and came here.  I personally believe the dog Lennox had already died under your wicked care and the last year has been nothing but a blatant cover-up, how long had it been since any one had seen Lennox?  Sleep well leaders of Belfast knowing that someone among you may just well sell the story and the rest of you out, with no more honor than I’ve seen from you I don’t think the world will have to wait long, Sleep well