Saturday, June 16, 2012

Obama stated the deficit was like someone (Bush) ordering a steak dinner with all the extras and a martini then leaving the table with Obama sitting there.   Well for that analogy to be true then you’d have to consider that Obama then turnaround and ordered Lobster and a bottle of 200 year-old wine.  Obama has tripled the deficit left by Bush in only 4 years.

About the man who beat the individual to death that was in the process of sexually attacking his 5 year old daughter.
Anyone that can look at this and think the father did something wrong is sick in the head.  Sorry the same people who say death isn’t the punishment for this crime probably think death shouldn’t be the punishment for any crime.  Personally I believe that once a human has crossed certain lines they become unfit and dangerous to exist in society and to me it’s the height of foolishness to care for them, cloth them, house them, basically keeping them as pets till they die putting undue expense on law abiding productive members of society.  The father should be commended for protecting his daughter and saving the rest of us some money.  And yes I believe that to commit a crime of this nature against a child should be punished able by the death penalty.