Friday, October 26, 2012

Ideology does not fix real problems

Arguing Ideology is fine but the landscape is jobs, debt, and finances you don’t hire a human resources person to fix your accounting issues.  We are hiring the next President it’s past time we hire someone with the tools and experience to actually fix what’s wrong and not that person that gives some of you a warm wiggly feeling because you and him share an ideology.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Business and ads

I’ve noticed a huge difference in ads and posts between conservatives and liberals, the liberals are taking every potshot, negative angle, and excuse they possibly can, I’ve even see one questioning the ballot boxes in Ohio (they are making excuses even before the ballots are even counted).   Conservatives are more and more emphasizing the need to strengthen America, yes there are negative ads on the right most in relation to things in the past month unlike the left that seems to be digging up every possible indirect business connection Romney has had in the past 40 years, the right can’t question Obamas relationship with known domestic terrorists even when he’s been to their homes and eaten at their tables but Romney owns interests in some company that maximized it’s profits by outsourcing to other countries (outsourcing and downsizing big buzz words during Clinton’s administration) and ooww he's anti American.  No he’s a business man and that is what we need when we are in financial trouble not an idealist.  Vote as if this was your business and you are hiring the next manager.   
The tide has shifted. 

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Do you even know why you blame Bush?

Clinton balanced the budget and reduced the deficit by cashing in on Americas success the term in business is “cash cow” he didn’t leave any room for reinvestment or expansion GMORI numbers for large established companies were dropping at the end of his administration.  Months before he left office economists were discussing recession that all the elements and indicators pointed to the fact that we were quickly approaching or already in one, yet libs blame Bush.  Let me tell you Bush inherited an economy on the decline, most libs that get their news and fact second hand and have little understanding of business or economics will scoff and spout meaningless statistical nuggets of minutia taken out of context that  they think are facts.  Bush inherited a US that was perceived as weak, a US that had lost the respect of the world, a US that had begun a trend of outsourcing to make up for lost profits, a US who’s manufacturing base had already been on the decline for years,  a US soon to face catastrophes on multiple fronts, if you think he was a lousy President you need to wake up and gain some prospective and understanding most liberal supporters understand nothing but how sweet and nice their candidate sounds.  Obama wants to do it like Clinton (that’s what he said in his debate) but he can’t, the economy that he inherited had already been milked dry if he continues with this assumption he will utterly fail and us with him and he lacks the understanding of why.  Biden is a jabbering idiot, career politician, who knows exactly what to say to appeal to a specific demographic, as a leader he is an empty bucket and my greatest fear the last three years has been the possibility of something happening to Obama because Biden as President would be an utter disaster.